What does the name Capsula Mundi mean?

It is a Latin construction that recalls the transformations of our body between the mineral, vegetal and animal worlds: the three key elements of life on Earth.

When will Capsula Mundi be available and where?

We are currently producing the Capsula Mundi urns for the ashes, while we need more time to verify and test the Capsula for the body. The urns are currently on sale on our web-site (see SHOP on the menu above) and so we can deliver them all over the world!

What kind of materials are you using?

Capsula Mundi is a biodegradable urn, it's made with a kinds of plastic that is derived from organic material and has a low environmental impact.

How does Capsula Mundi body pod interact with the soil?

The material used for the Capsula Mundi pod for the body will not impede the natural transformation of organic substances from which we are made. In time, the transformation process will bring the body to mineralization, due to the action of microorganisms in the soil. Minerals are nourishment for the plant world and therefore for the tree planted over the Capsula.

Is it true that ashes can harm a plant if buried underneath? How does the Capsula Mundi biodegradable urn prevent this?

Ashes have a very high PH level that could prevent the growth of plants, but the biodegradable plastic we have chosen to produce the Capsule Mundi urns breaks down slowly, starting with small fractures. In this way, the ashes mix gradually with the ground. This slow dispersion process helps to equilibrate the soil action: the soil is a powerful buffer solution and it is therefore able to neutralize the high PH level of the ash, it just needs time. In addition, the rainwater that penetrates into the soil gradually dissolves the sodium and potassium salts, which become attractive and useful for the growth of the plants. Putting the ashes in the Capsula Mundi urns, it is very different than putting the ashes directly in the open ground.

What is the process for burial and how do you manage rigor mortis?

The body will be laid down in the Capsula in a fetal position before rigor mortis set in or after it passes. Rigor mortis arises at different times for each individual and It has a duration of a few hours. After rigor mortis passes, the body will again become soft and malleable. Once the body is laid within the Capsula, it will be planted in the earth like a seed.

Could the chemicals contained in med

The Capsula will be buried in a location that has been selected after extensive soil examination in order to avoid adverse effects on the environment and ground water and to mitigate the risk of pollution. Trees also have the ability to further cleanse the soil of chemical pollution.

How can you locate the tree of your deceased loved ones in the sacred forest?

The trees will not bear any kind of sign or marking, however each tree will be plotted on a GPS system, so that you will easily be able to locate the tree that memorializes your departed loved one.

How will the sacred forest be protected?

We believe in the role of the community as guarantor and keeper of this holy place, however, it shall also be subject to the laws of the state and be governed by local authorities.

What happens if a tree dies or if inclement weather conditions damage the sacred forest?

The managing agent of the forest must provide a maintenance service for the trees and the soil. In the unlikely event that a tree dies, a similar tree will be planted in the same position.

How long can I store the Capsula Mundi urn?

The Capsula Mundi urn should be stored in a dry place. If it will be exposed to the light, the bioplastic colour could change a little bit. That's why our tree urn has a 5 years guarantee. Anyway, the biodegradation process starts only when the urn comes in contact with the bacteria in the soil, so you can store the Capsula Mundi urn for longer.

Can Capsula Mundi be also used for animals?

Capsula Mundi can be adapted even for pets and we will definitely and undoubtedly address the growing requests we have for this kind of burial for our furry friends, starting from the biodegradable urn for the ashes.

How do you reconcile the need of vast spaces for sacred wood with the lack of undeveloped land near big cities?

Sacred forests can be situated in suburban areas or in areas far outside of big cities as long as they are well served by public transport, paved roads and easily accessible for all.

What kind of tree can one choose?

In addition to the trees native to the area, you can choose from any number of species. The only limitations are decided by the local conditions: latitude, climate and soil type.