Capsula Mundi SA, Exclusive Distributor for Southern Africa of Capsula Mundi™

Vision and Mission

Capsula Mundi SA envisions a greener carbon footprint for generations to come.
We would like to open the minds of fellow South Africans to the unique idea of becoming a tree once you leave earth. Leaving a greener, healthier planet behind.

This is a choice, a way of life.

Servicing the public of South Africa and nabour countries, with this new concept of GOING GREEN!


Capsula Mundi. Life never stops.

Capsula Mundi is a cultural and broad-based project, which envisions a different approach to the way we think about death. It's an egg-shaped pod, an ancient and perfect form, made of biodegradable material, where our departed loved ones are placed for burial.
Ashes will be held in small egg-shaped biodegradable urns while bodies will be laid down in a fetal position in larger pods. The Capsula will then be buried as a seed in the earth.
A tree, chosen in life by the deceased, will be planted on top of it and serve as a memorial for the departed and as a legacy for posterity and the future of our planet.
Family and friends will continue to care for the tree as it grows. Cemeteries will acquire a new look and, instead of the cold grey landscape we see today, they will grow into vibrant woodlands.

Life is forever

Help us to make it real!

Cemeteries will acquire a new look: no more cold grey tombstones but living trees creating a forest, a holy forest. A place with a sentimental value, where families can stroll with kids and teach them about different trees. Let's plant a tree for each of us and cemeteries will become forests!